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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kotdwara Pincode / Post Office Search (PAURI GARHWAL, Uttarakhand)

Amola B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Amsaur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
B.E.L. S.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Badun B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Bagodgaon B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Balasaur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Balli B.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Banchauri B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Bawansi B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Bharnao B.O 246275KotdwaraUttarakhand
Bhrigukhal (A) S.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Binak B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Chai Damrara B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Chamkotkhal B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Chila Colony S.O 249306KotdwaraUttarakhand
Dabolikhal B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Dadamandi S.O 246124KotdwaraUttarakhand
Devikhal B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Devikhet B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Devrana B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Dhura Dhanai B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Diuli B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Dugadda S.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Fatehpur B.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Gadsir B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Ganga Bhogpur B.O 249306KotdwaraUttarakhand
Hanumanti B.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Heerakhal B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Jameli B.O 246124KotdwaraUttarakhand
Jhandichaur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kalagarh S.O 246142KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kalalghati B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kandakanikhal B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kandakhal S.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Khera B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kimsar B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kishanpur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kotdwara H.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kotridhang B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Kumbhichaur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Laxmanjhula (B) S.O 249302KotdwaraUttarakhand
Lokmanipur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mala B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mandai B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Manjhyari B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Maral B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mathana Bichala B.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mawakot B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mohan Sankari B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Mohanchatti B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Nail B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Neelkanth Mahadev B.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Nimbuchaur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Padampur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Padampur Sukhrao B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Paranda B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Paukhal B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Rajbat B.O 246124KotdwaraUttarakhand
Sar B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Shivrajpur B.O 246149KotdwaraUttarakhand
Simlana Malla B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Swargashram S.O 249304KotdwaraUttarakhand
Syalinga B.O 246127KotdwaraUttarakhand
Syalna B.O 246144KotdwaraUttarakhand
Thangar B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Tilkholi B.O 246172KotdwaraUttarakhand
Timlibari B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand
Yamkeshwar B.O 246121KotdwaraUttarakhand

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